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Manatee Amazon River Cruise - 8 Days (Monday to Monday)

Duration: 8 days
Price from: $4138 USD
Ship: Manatee
Overview: This is a journey that takes us into the endless heart of biodiversity, the Amazon Basin. Given the remote and ... read more

Galápagos — North & Central Islands (Eden)

Duration: 7 days
Price from: $3819 AUD
Ship: Eden
Overview: See nature documentaries and animal biology textbooks come to life on this seven-day sailing around the Galápagos' north and central ... read more

Archipel I Galapagos 4 Day Cruise Itinerary B

Duration: 4 days
Price from: $1800 USD
Ship: Archipel I
Overview: Our 3 nights northern route enables you to combine a visit to the sea bird colonies of popular North Seymour ... read more

Italy Cruise (La Bella Vita)

Duration: 7 days
Price from: €3490 EUR
Ship: La Bella Vita
Overview: When it comes to river cruises, Italy is a country seemingly designed to host them. Its beautiful canals and rivers ... read more

Scenic Fiordland 7 Day Cruise

Duration: 7 days
Price from: $3299 NZD
Ship: Affinity
Overview: Discover the wonders of New Zealand's Premier cruising destinations aboard our comfy vessel "Affinity". A unique nautical experience in a ... read more